Tahiti Public Buses

There is a public bus transportation system on the island of Tahiti, which is very cheap. It is quite efficient during the day but after 5:00pm, buses run about every 1 hour until 10:00pm.

There are no public buses in the other islands so it is recommended to rent a scooter bike or small car to get around.

KTEL Buses

Rhodes has a wonderful infrastructure of bus routes throughout the island, not just to the villages but also to the main sight seeing spots around the island. Lots of regular buses and very cheap tickets make it a popular transport option.
Catching the bus is, however, still a slightly disorganised sport, which can make for an interesting adventure-or possibly misadventure, depending on how you want to look at it in the heat of the day!
The main bus stand is behind the Mandraki market in Rhodes.

Airport Bus

Buses A1 {terminal 1} and A2 {terminal 2} run regularly between the airport and Plaza Catalunya. The No.17 Nightbus runs from both terminals and Plaza Catalunya from approx. 10pm-5am. For Girona airport connections take the Barcelona Bus. Full information at: www.aerobusbcn.com

Barcelona Buses

The public transportation system in Barcelona is extremely comprehensive, effective and cheap. The TMB website is a fantastic resource of timetables and routes. As expected with such a design conscious city, QR codes have been introduced at some bus stops to give up to the minute information directly to your phone. For full information on bus and metro routes visit: www.tmb.cat


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