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Known in France under its nickname “l’Ile de Beauté”, Corsica might well be the most beautiful place on Earth! Located 110mi south from France and 11mi north from Sardinia, this gorgeous island is very large - 183 km(114 mi) long and 83 km (52 mi) wide - and yet sparsely populated and unspoiled. It is unique for its astounding geographical diversity, a mix of secluded creeks with turquoise blue water, fine sand beaches, medieval cities, many of them in walking distance from the main harbors, and hilltop villages, surrounded by nature reserves and dense maquis. It is also the most mountainous island in the Mediterranean and home of several winter ski resorts. Corsica is historically known for its strategic situation in the Mediterranean, and for being the birth place of Napoleon Bonaparte, as well as Cristobal Columbus. It is a land of tradition, with inhabitants proud of their distinct language, music, craft and delicious cooking specialties. Corsicans are the most genuine and friendliest hosts with strong values for honor and family. Corsica is home of two large modern cities and ports: Bastia and Ajaccio and most of the harbors are on the west side of the island.