Custom Navigation Systems

Full electronic part sourcing, system design, integration, installation, troubleshooting, repairs and after-sale services for most electronic equipment. Installation and customization of entertainment systems using Autocad design software. Agents for Brookes & Gatehouse, KVH, Seatel, Furuno, Raymarine, Icom, Garmin, Simrad. Also have a Rhode Island office at One Lagoon Rd. in Portsmouth. Experienced and very well rated manager is Steve Gill. Committed to long term relationships. Available worldwide.

Island Yacht Services, LLC

With a background as an electrical engineer specializing in software development, Jim Thompson expertise in computerized systems is sought after by yachts of any size as well as shipyards. Expertise includes PC’s with Microsoft and Unix operating systems, networking, monitoring, control, navigation and communications applications. Troubleshooting is one of his best skills. Mobile service with a fully equipped van available anywhere in the Newport/Jamestown/Fairhaven/Bristol area. Expertise in troubleshooting and customized design for refits and new installations.