Prodive Monaco

Essential service established in Monaco harbor since 1965. Manager Laurent Boulnier is a qualified diver and with his team, offers a full range of underwater services. Excellent recommendations. Helpful and reactive.
VHF Ch.08
Tel: +(377) 935 061 00
Fax: +(377) 932 517 92
Cell: + 33 (0)678 636 312

Ocean Diving

German diving company managed by Andreas Schweimler and Thomas Heise, based in STP; offers a complete range of under water services, such as hull cleaning, underwater welding, mooring installation and maintenance, hull inspection, underwater propeller assembly and so on. Specialist mechanised equipment for hull cleaning. Ocean Diving also offers a salvage service around the island.

Elite Divers

Established in 1995, and owner/operator John Crosby has worked as a commercial diver in Newport Harbor since 1988. Provides services including: race bottom boat cleanings, motor and sail hull inspections and cleanings, anchor setting and floating, propeller removal and replacement, zinc replacements, underwater surveys and photography, propeller defouling, search and recovery as well as light salvage. Elite Divers also follows the sailboat race circuit providing dive services for Key West, Miami. Annapolis and Charleston Race Weeks as well as the South Florida regattas.