Oliver Yacht Services

With many years of experience in the service industry, knowledge of the yachting industry, Oliver Yacht Services in Sardinia is a yacht agent that stresses on quality rather than on quantity.  A focus on a personal and human touch in a more and more impersonal techno-world.

Aegean Fish

This is a large fish shop { Psaria Aigaiou} located across from the city's main cemetery, close to the Saturday market. The quality of fish can be variable, but regular arrivals mean that the chances of obtaining decent fish are fairly good. The attached restaurant area serves bbq fish and fresh salads. Expect basic service-plastic chairs and tables, but good honest food; it is strictly a local affair with a great atmosphere.
Choose your fish from the shop and they will cook it there and then.

Stonington Seafood Harvesters, Inc

Owned/operated by a family of fishermen. Sells wholesale and retail seafood right from the dock, where their market is located. Flash frozen onboard, and vacuum sealed immediately after catch for ultimate quality. Choice of scallops, cod, tuna, flounder, haddock, shrimp, organic Scottish salmon, etc. Open 24/7 thanks to honor payment system. Credit card payment available.
Tel: (860) 535 8342

La Boqueria

Open 8.00-20.30 This market is a must see when in Barcelona, and is probably one of the most well known markets in Europe. It might be thought of as a tourist attraction but it is also a very good market in its own right. All the store holders take great pride in the presentation of their displays-of fresh fish, shellfish, meat, herbs, spices, wines, bread and juices, making It a photogenic delight ! There are a great number of take away stalls and popular selection of tapas bars under the classical columns, making a bustling and convivial atmosphere.