ASAP Marine Documentation & Registration, Inc.

Provide complete closing services for all vessel transactions. Specialize in difficult transactions, including overseas owners, estate sales, divorce, trusts, repossesions, out-of-business corp owners etc. Owners are Lisa Borchowski and Capt. Lee Borkowski pride themselves on “service with a smile.” Lisa, who has 20 years of strong administrative, technical and management experience - 12 of them as a Corporate Meeting Planner - is ALWAYS available no matter what time or day you need her.
Tel: (954) 926 2387 / (800) 492 8362
Cell: (954) 610 2356

3D Measure / Andrew J. Williams

Marine Laser Measurement and Modeling Solutions. Provide Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Government Agencies, and National & International Sailing Authorities with accurate data documentation. Services include laser scanning and point collection, 3D modeling, reverse engineering, design verification and recreate lost of missing drawings. Work with designers, shipyards, boat builders. Projects range from racing hulls, pleasure craft, Tugs, and Navy ships.
Tel: (401) 848 4575
Fax: (401) 848 4574
[email protected]