Karine & Philippe have 16 years of experience in glass and mirror sandblasting and in glass interior decoration.
Can create or change any mirror or glass inside the yachts. Specialist of ornate and finely decorated glass and mirrors; as well as glass bathroom furnishings. Can enhance glassware, add logos, lettering or decoration on existing mirrors or glass furniture. First class service, friendly and highly experienced team.
Tel/Fax : +33(0)4 93 65 25 83
Cell: +33(0)6 12 64 99 39
[email protected]

Style Company

One of the most stylish and tasteful shops in Rhodes. Style Company owned by Kallirroy has a wonderful selection of interior decor items from furniture, tableware, mirrors, candles, lamps and table decorations etc.
Definitely worth a visit. If you cannot find what you are looking for ask if they can source items for you.
The store is located close to the boatyard in Rhodes, just behind the waterfront Australias street.

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