Marine Survey Bureau / Non Destructive Examination (MSB/ NDE)

MSB is managed by Roby Scalvini, an experienced surveyor, recognized and accredited by most professional Surveyors Associations. MSB is also the Lloyds representative in Palma. Alongside all their traditional survey operations (valuation, tonnage, insurance, damage repair etc.), MSB has opened a new company, NDE, which specializes in marine surveying with the assistance of non-invasive, high tech, inspection methods. These include Thermal Imaging, Ultrasound, Laser Shearography, and Video Endoscopy.

Christopher Rothwell

A member of the IIMS and of the YDSA, Chris Rothwell is accredited to carry out a whole range of surveys, from plain insurance to MCA code compliance, via evaluation surveys etc. He is appreciated as a good, independent surveyor.

R. I. Marine Survey

Manager Kevin Clarke is a marine surveyor with over 30 years of experience in the refit and boat-building industries. He and his team have surveyed in the past high profile motor and sail yachts up to 250ft. Expertise in any hull material, including high tech carbon boats and hundreds of aluminum hulls. Services include insurance surveys, damage claims, new purchase, refit and repair consultations, refit and new build management. Use of the latest technology in marine survey such as thermal imaging and ultra sounding processes. Work with Lloyds, Veritas, IBS.

Newport Marine Surveyors

Accredited marine surveyor Tony Knowles has 30 years of experience and is renowned internationally. As an experienced sailor, he understands all aspects of yachting. Services include consulting on refits or repairs, insurance damage loss inspections, pre-purchase inspections etc. Expertise in all hull materials and any kind of recreational vessel, no size limit. Worldwide service.
Tel: (401) 864 7575
(401) 849 1560
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