Atlantic Spray Boat Cleaning & Paint

Using top of the line products to maintain your sea fearing vessel. Professional service,quick response. Services include: detailing cabin cleaning, bottom paint, canvas work, boat & motor repairs. We received excellent recommendations for manager Rick Fryslie. Knowledgeable and very honest service. Located in New Bedford, MA, available in south New England. Tel: (508) 685 4598/ (508) 685 5875. [email protected].

Yachtsman Yacht Services

Josh Bailey has years of experience in the marine field, and comes rated as one of the best varnishers around. Offers first-class Awgrip painting, interior and exterior varnishing, teak cleaning, general washing, polishing, and any daywork service. Accomplished sailor and racer, available for yacht deliveries. Can put together a whole team to work on a large project. Free estimates. Based in Newport and Cape Cod all year round and available anywhere in New England and beyond, depending the size of the project.

S. I. R.

Vincent Molot and Jean Michel Marais are touch up specialists since 1995. Excellent service for any scratches & interior repairs. Also offering French polishing, wood finishing, veneering, gilding and varnishing. Described as ‘real magicians’ for the quality of their work. Available from Marseille to San Remo and Palma de Mallorca.
Cell : + 33 (0)6 08 02 45 00 (Vincent Molot)
[email protected]



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