A busy, messy, quirky but quite well supplied Eroski, 3 kilometer from La Savina in St Fransisco Javier.
If you really do have to provision in Formentera, this is the place to do it.

Diving & Snorkling

The waters and beaches around Formentera are unique and amazing to most new visitors.
It is sometimes hard to believe that you are in the Mediterranean! The crystal clear waters and abundant sea life make for good diving and snorkeling.

Cycling in Formentera

The most popular way to get around and see Formentera is on a bicycle. It’s nice and flat for those who are not ardent mountain bikers and there are a great many cycling paths around the island. Motorbikes and quads are also popular; or try an electric bicycle to help you out if it gets too hot or windy.

Salt Flats

These shallow lagoons have been used for centuries by the inhabitants of Formentera to produce salt in the north-western part of the island. Today the area is a nature conservation area for many species of birds. Flocks of flamingoes have even been sighted.

Hippie Markets Formentera

Held in front of the church Nuestra Senora del Pilar on Wednesdays and Sundays. A popular tourist attraction and very well known. Formentera also attracted a lot of artists and craftsmen during the hippie days and, in the same fashion as in Ibiza, this tradition has been passed on to the next generation.


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