Acropolis of Lindos

85100 Rhodes

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One thing the ancient Greeks knew how to do, was pick the best sites for their temples, and the Acropolis at Lindos is no exception!
On the pinnacle of the hill sits the partly restored Temple of Athena Lindia from around 300BC.
This position overlooking the beautiful bay of Lindos was a natural choice for a castle, and the fortified walls have been used successively over the years by Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Crusader Knights and finally the Ottomans. The walls are still very impressive, although out of several towers only one remains.
The walk up the steps from the village can be a little bit challenging in the heat, so the village has for many years been home to the Lindos Donkey's who take the lazier or less able up the hill.
Of course its the view everyone raves about, and naturally so, looking out over the beautiful bay of Lindos, with the picturesque village of white houses hugging the hillside beneath the castle walls, and on the far side the wonderful enclosed bay of St Pauls.
A visit to Lindos is a must if you have time in Rhodes.


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