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Barcelona is a cycling friendly city, complete with dedicated cycle lanes and paths throughout the city. There are many bike rental companies, tours and a ‘Bicing’ scheme supported by the city council-unfortunately you need to be a permanent resident to apply for this scheme. If possible, it is worth applying for as a cheap and convenient and ecological way to get around.

Apparently in the 1960s a ‘white bicycle’ scheme was launched and white bicycles were just left around the city for anyone to use. In theory a wonderful idea but in practice they soon disappeared-or gained a different colour of paint!

And for those of you into BMX and stunt riding then Barcelona is one of the main venues to ride, attracting enthusiasts from all over the world. Not only using the urban landscape, there are dedicated skate parks at Marbella beach, the BMX track in Horta and the Premia de Dalt track.

 +(34) 934 023 434


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