Ca Mea

Tel: +(39) 184 408 173

Stada Statale 548, km.13
18010 Badalucco

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People come from as far as Cannes to enjoy the unique cuisine and atmosphere of this fabulous restaurant. Perched above San Remo on a country road, a big mushroom shaped ceramic is the landmark for the entrance. In the rustic atmosphere of an old farm house, the most incredible meals, based on mushrooms of all variety will be served. Just sit and enjoy an endless selection of dishes brought to the table... omelettes, pasta, risotto, marinated, or fried mushroom, each one being a surprise, and all delicious! Then they bring their home made Italian dessert, with Limoncello for a perfect finish to the culinary experience. To go there: exit Arma Di Taggia (the next toll exit after San Remo) and then follow the directions for Badalucco, Triora past the next town called Taggia, and after another 7 / 8 km you will find the restaurant.

Tel: +(39) 184 408 173


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