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Rhodes has several castles around the island, but non that compare to the Palace of the Grand Master within Rhodes old town walls.
The Knights Hospitallier {Knights of St John} after leaving the Holy Land built successive castles en route throughout the Mediterranean, abandoning them and moving on to the next place. They arrived in Rhodes in 1309 and started a great deal of new building work, including the castle and fortifications, the walls and the dry moat. When Rhodes fell to the Turks in 1522, it was used as a prison. In 1865 a lightening strike set off a huge explostion of stored gunpowder and brought the building to the ground kiiling several hundred people.
The building we see today, apparently does not resemble the romantic marvel that it once was. After being almost completely destroyed, the Italians rebuilt it in a fashion that they felt was appropriate. However, it is still very impressive and dominates the skyline of Rhodes and is still worth a visit.

At Lindos Acropolis is the fortified Castle of the Knights of St John. From this era their is only the crenelated walls and one tower remaining. But with wonderful views over the bay of Lindos and surrounding village.

The ruined Castle at Haraki is a very impressive from a distance. It overlooks the pretty bay of Haraki and is a good walk up the goat tracks to get to the ruins.

The Castle at Monolithos has very little left but it is probably one of the most romantic and impressive spots on the island, with excellent views out over the sea.

Kritinia Castle near to Kamiros is not as impressive as the others mentioned but is also worth a visit.


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