Elisa Bally

Rue de la République
Cour Vendôme
97133 Gustavia
Saint Barthélemy

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Elisa Bally is an incredibly gifted and talented home designer, whose natural personal elegance reflects in her creations. Born in Paris, she has since spent almost 20 years in the Caribbean, and her style capture the essence of the bygone era of the plantations or the colourful simplicity of the wooden cabins. She creates a unique universe of beauty and harmony, and has designed and reorganized the Guanahani hotel and spa decoration with the architect Philippe Stouvenot, to its gorgeous and luxuriously tropical colourful look. She is also one of the most popular interior designers in St Barth and works on many big projects for private homes, in collaboration with high profile architects. She has become so popular that the same owners have then been asking her to renovate their other homes in different parts of the world. Elisa is also an amazing photographer and the ‘editor in chief’ of the glamorous annual Tropical Magazine. Cell: +(596) 696 339159 [email protected] www.elisabally.com

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