Excellence des Sens

Tel / Fax: +(590) 590 294810 [email protected] www.excellencedessens.com

Cour Vendôme
97133 Gustavia
Saint Barthélemy

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This highly recommended spa is equipped with ‘Icoone h’ and the Power Plate Pro5 Air Adaptive system. The ‘Icoone h’ health care and beauty unit provides health care and beauty solutions from daily discomforts, circulatory, venous or lymphatic systems and burns as examples to beauty enhancements such as cellulite and localized fat deposit reduction, skin tightening, anti-ageing and much more. They also offer Physiotherapy and massage therapy performed by Christophe. The Excellence des Sens is located upstairs at the Cours Vendome, and Christophe assesses each client individually before working on detoxind and returning the body to counteract any pain or discomforts. Massage offered include Swedish, Californian, Thai, deep tissue and foot. Personal visits to Superyachts can also be arranged. Tel / Fax: +(590) 590 294810 [email protected] www.excellencedessens.com

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