Fun Caraibes

Tel: +(596) 696 454 522  [email protected]

972 Le Francois

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This kitesurfing school is ideally located on the beach of the Cap Est Lagoon resort - in a beautiful lagoon of Le Francois, on the windward coast - offering perfect conditions for kitesurfers of all levels. Fun Caraibes is run by the friendly and English speaking Lionel Sauvaget, who started his school in 1999 and was the first one in Martinique. They have all the latest equipment including brand new ‘bow kite’ - the new wing technology with better safety. They offer classes from first time beginners to advanced riders with 3 clients max per session. They have ideal packages to get started, of 2 or 4 half days, which can be rescheduled if the conditions are not good. They also rent equipment under the supervision of an instructor and represent several well known brands for boards, sails and accessories such as harnesses, lycras, gloves... They have been very popular in past seasons among crews who wanted to try this exciting sport. The windward coast of Martinique, with its shallow water and constant wind offers some of the best conditions in the Caribbean. Tel: +(596) 696 454 522


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