GMT (Global Marine Travel)

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GMT (Global Marine Travel)

With a dedicated private yacht team available 24/7/365, GMT handles all travel requests a vessel may need. Offering a unique understanding of the logistical challenges, last minute changes and fast paced nature of the yachting industry, GMT assists permanent crew, racing teams, technicians, contractors and all yachting professionals when flying to/from a vessel. As an extension to our services, our in-house air charter division can fly yacht owners, charter guests and VIPs on private jets all around the world.


Specializing in marine airfares which are one way refundable/changeable tickets with extra free baggage allowance included, GMT offers low-cost carriers and published airfares as well, providing the best routes at the most cost effective price for each travel request. Worldwide confirmation of hotel and car reservations are also part of our full service agency.


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