Hiking in La Ciotat

13600 La Ciotat

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The Mugel botanical garden is located within a few minutes walk on the west side from the shipyards. The park shelters 12 acres of greenery and trails that go up through a steep rocky path to the ‘Le Bec D’Aigle’, a massive rock overlooking the town and its surrounding areas. The entrance of the park is located in the magical setting of the Calanque of Mugel, a narrow creek with crystal clear waters. There is a small entry fee and the park closes at night.

Some local loop hikes are marked on the Routes des Crêtes, between Cassis and La Ciotat. Viewpoints have been laid out so walkers can admire the exceptional sight over the Bay of La Ciotat to the islands of Marseilles.

Cap Canaille hike between La Ciotat and Cassis: A hiking trail (about 12 km one way) allows to go through the massif and cliffs of Cap Canaille. The start from La Ciotat is located close to the shipyards, in a residential area. The trail goes first to the Semaphore of Bec de l’Aigle and then towards Cassis, but stops before the town. You can also start from the Cap Canaille parking on Route des Cretes and then walk towards La Ciotat.

The Calanques between Cassis and Marseille (See ‘Marseille‘ chapter).


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