Hiking in Marseille

Les Calanques
13008 Marseille

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There is a vast network of clearly marked (with red and white strips) trails and one of the most popular is the GR 98 trail connecting Les Goudes fishing harbour to Cassis via 28km of paths between crests and coastline. Allow 11h and come back by car or bus.
Another popular hike is a few km west from l’Estaque harbour, from the harbour of La Redonne (accessible by a short bus/car or train ride) to Niolon. Allow around 3h. Climbing school BMC also organises hiking tours (see Climbing).
Les Calanques
Marseille is surrounded on both sides by the breathtaking Calanques, a series of white rocky fjords, plunging into crystal clear water. It is a real heaven for nature and sport lovers with excellent hiking, climbing, kayaking and biking options. Towards Cassis is the spectacular Massif des Calanques stretching on 20km from Marseille to Cassis and on the other side, from l’Estaque to Martigues are the Calanques of La Cote Bleue.

It is also possible to drive to some of the Calanques such as Callelongue, Sormiou and Morgiou, between Marseille and Cassis.
Note: Public access to most of the Calanques is restricted during the summer (typically July to September) due to the risks of forest fire. Call ahead: Tel: 0811 20 13 13


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