Tel: +377 93 50 58 16 Monaco
Cell: +33(0)6 8086 8087

9 Av D'Ostende

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Unrivalled carpet cleaning specialists led by highly experienced Adrian Long. Expertise on delicate and expensive fabrics, use of biodegradable products, en-route cleaning services when needed.

Fire Retardant treatment. Inter-Nett are licensed applicators for Flame Screen Ltd, Approved for Large Yachts in accordance with MCA Marine Guidance Note MGN 453 (M) by BTTG Testing & Certification Ltd Certificate No:53/00047. Fleet of equipped vans. Outlets in Sint Maarten, Antibes and Monaco. Available from Italy to Spain (including Palma). Extremely popular, flexible and customer orientated.

Tel: +377 93 50 58 16 (Monaco)
Cell: +33(0)6 8086 8087

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