Kalithea Springs

Tel: {0034} 22410 65691 / 72865
[email protected]

Commune de Kalithea
85100 Rhodes

More about us...

What was once a rather decrepit but romantic left over from the Italian occupation, the springs at Kalithea had a revamp a few years ago.
The surrounding architecture and gardens have been completely renovated-and yes some may even argue that they have been spoilt!
But faded grandure can only be faded for a certain amount of time until it turns into an eyesore!
It is now back to its former glory, but is now more of a chic beach club with bars, cafes, lounging areas and laid back music.
They also use the internal circular loggia for changing exhibitions.
A great place to spend a lazy day, and well worth a pit stop if you have a hire car.


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