La Ramblas

La Ramblas

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If you asked a selection of people from all over the world to name a famous street or boulevard, La Ramblas would probably be top of the list!
Lined with cafes, tapas bars, restaurants, shops, flower stalls, street artists and of course plenty of tourists!
However, La Ramblas was not always well known for the right reasons- pick pockets and bands of gypsy children relieving people of whatever they could get their hands on, was the first thing that came to mind when La Ramblas was mentioned. But it is now quite different and no worse than any other tourist place around the world.
The boulevard is home to the famous La Boqueria Market which is a must see when in Barcelona, and is probably one of the most well known markets in Europe. It might be thought of as a tourist attraction but it is also a very good market in its own right. All the store holders take great pride in the presentation of their displays-of fresh fish, shellfish, meat, herbs, spices, wines, bread and juices, making It a photogenic delight. There are a great number of take away stalls and popular selection of tapas bars under the classical columns, making a bustling and convivial atmosphere.


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