La Sagradia Familia


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Construction on the Cathederal was started in 1882 and it seems as though it will not be finished for many more years to come.
Progress has been slow due to the project being funded by private donations and the interruption of the Civil War.
Antoni Gaudi took over the project in 1883 and worked on the building until his death in 1926.
The building has been overseen by many architects since, but it is Gaudi's unusual vision for the building which shines through.
Whether you personally like it or hate it, the building has to recognised as an amazing achievement in architecture and an iconic
monument in Barcelona.
Gaudi's unusual style of organic art nouveau is an integral part of the decoration. But the architectural construction of the interior collumns, the height of the roof and what will eventually be 18 towering bell towers is quite incredible. Words or photographs do not do this unfinished building justice.
It is a must see site when in Barcelona!


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