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La Citadelleis a registered historical monument dating from 1554. Today it is home of 4 small museums including the Musée Volti and a contemporary art museum. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens. The Citadelle also hosts musical nights and the open air cinema (see below).


Dating from the 14th century, Chapelle St Pierre was decorated in the 50’s with frescoes from French artist Cocteau.  


Rue Obscure(Dark Street) is an extraordinary vaulted passage dating from the 13th century, located a block in from the seafront.


Just above the Rue Obscure,  Eglise Saint-Michel is a beautiful Baroque style church.    


Villa Kérylos, Rue Gustave-Eiffel (Tel: +33(0)4 93 76 44 09), built in 1902 is the extravagant and faithful replica of a classical Greek residence. Visitors can tour the house and the park overlooking the sea.

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