Nauti Paints

Contramuelle Mollet 9
07012 Palma de Mallorca

More about us...

Company based in Astilleros Shipyard offering a paint refinishing service for medium sized and large yachts. The team is mobile, and will work anywhere in Mallorca or beyond. Once again, the company has official recognition for the spray application of all major yacht paint brands.

Nautipaint also has an engineering and carpentry department that can come in handy when stripping is essential to achieve a quality paint job. Proficient in mechanical engineering, shaft work, cathodic protection, outboard repair etc.

In addition this company has a well stocked convenient chandlery at the gates of Astilleros Shipyard, offering a wide range of nautical wares. The company also has an outlet in STP shipyard, and run a good part ordering service. The chandlery does not limit its stock to paints and coatings related products, contrary to what the name might suggest.

Tel: + (34) 971 723 977

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