The Old Town & Moat


85100 Rhodes

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The Old Town of Rhodes still holds a great deal of charm, and was rightfully selected as a World Heritage site. Within the walls there are numerous streets and squares to explore and discover ancient ruins, churches, mosques, to view a way of life and maybe get a glimpse into garden courtyards.
Of course, as a main tourist attraction it is also home to numerous tourist shops, restaurants, pensions and bars; some of which are top quality. At night it is very atmospheric, and in parts very noisy with late night bars, so if you are staying within the walls choose your pension carefully!
Probably the best money well spent on Rhodes within recent years was on the castle moat. This is now a beautiful place to walk, lie in the shade or have a picnic. It is beautifully landscaped with palm trees and flowers and is also home to an open air theatre which has events throughout the summer-usually music and dancing performances.


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