Plantation Macintosh, Fleur Tropicales

Tel: +(596) 596 700950
Tel: 0149 790101

United States

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Macintosh is a well established company that has two plantations on the North and lush part of the island, one in Macouba and one in Morne Rouge and exports their flowers all around the world. They also have retail flower shops: one located in Fort de France, close by the sea front – at 31 Rue Victor Hugo (right behind MacDonalds) and the other one at the Le Lamentin airport. Their beautiful tropical flowers come fresh, daily, from these locations and you can either pick single flowers or they can make every imaginable arrangement… from small ones for the owner’s cabin… to gigantic ones for the aft deck! On line order are also available and the flowers will be shipped by air in a special packaging. Shipping products include flowers and bouquets, with rum or a little ‘trinket’ from Martinique… a really fun alternative and a great idea for an exotic gift!
Tel: +(596) 596 700950


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