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As a big city, Marseille is home to a large variety of stores, many of them located in the old town, around the Vieux Port. Rue Paradis, perpendicular to la Canebiere, is the local ‘5th avenue’, featuring a wide selection of designer stores and other shops. Rue St Ferreol is the busy pedestrian street - parallel to rue Paradis . Major French clothing brands can be found here, along with many sandwich and fast food shops.

75 r St Ferréol is Virgin Megastore, offering a vast choice of CD's and DVD's and selling tickets for concerts and shows. Tel: + 33(0)491 555 500


Shopping Malls:


Centre Commercial Bourse

17 sq Belsunce 13001 Marseille

Located in the city centre, close to the Vieux Port.  A vast choice of more than 60 shops, restaurants and fast food can be found there, including a FNAC : department store for computer related items, plus music, DVD, books (English selection), stereos - and Galleries Lafayette offering  a choice of fine groceries, wines, clothes, gifts and tableware. Open Mon-Sat from 9:30am to 7:30pm. Underground parking.

Tel: + 33(0)491 140 050

Tel: + 33(0)491 399 400 (FNAC)

Tel: + 33(0)491 568 244 (Galleries Lafayette)


Centre Commercial Grand Littoral

11 av St Antoine 13015 Marseille

Large mall located 5 minutes’ drive from the shipyards. Many different shops and services, including a Carrefour. Open Mon-Sat 9:30am to 8pm except Carrefour open from 8:30am to10pm.

Tel: + 33(0)491 098 800




Boutique de l’OM

44 Canebiere 13001 Marseille

Official shop for the local favorite OM football team of Marseille, located on the famous avenue of La Canebiere. Line of sportswear and souvenirs for the aficionados of the legendary club.

Tel: + 33(0)491 332 001


La Maison du Pastis

108 Quai du port 13002 Marseille

This shop is a tribute to Pastis, Marseille’s iconic anise drink.  More than 95 different varieties of Pastis and Absinthe. Offer samples and nice selection of gift boxes, accessories and regional products. Located on the north quai of the Vieux Port. 

Tel: + 33(0)491 908 677


Le Four des Navettes

136 rue Sainte 13007 Marseille

The oldest bakery in town, established in 1781.  Famous for their traditional and authentic Marseillais ‘Navette’ cookies, flavoured with orange blossom and shaped like a boat. Choice of quaint gift boxes. Located close to the Abbaye St Victor. Open 7/7.

Tel: + 33(0)491 333 212

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