St Barth Plongee - Birdy Dive Center

With over 22 years of experience in diving, "Birdy" has become a local figure and offers a wide range of dives around St Barth.

Cell: +(590) 690 419666
[email protected]
​Birdy'a boat is located in Gustavia harbor

La pointe, quai de la Collectivité Place n° 29
Saint Barthélemy

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With over 22 years of experience in diving, "Birdy" has become a local figure among Superyacht Captains, who appreciate the outgoing and enthusiastic personality of this really lovely guy.  Indeed, if you or your guests have ever thought of diving, but never known how / where to start... this is most certainly THE man to come to!  Birdy works with many high profile yachts and his incredible return rate tells the story best of all!  He has NO set practice... and instead uses his wonderfully sensitive personal nature, to listen / learn how he'll be able to help and 'be there' for every new diver.  He's an extremely personal and sensitive instructor, really into 'mental relaxation' for people who are unsure... scared... or just need a little help.

For those that need it, he'll be there to hold your hand; with the most personalized 'one to one' diving one could wish for (children included).  He has a ‘state of the art’ custom designed 35’ boat, with a bimini and 'flipper friendly' boarding ladder. He is only too happy to offer a custom tour of all / any the top dive sites on island; and also does 'rendezvous' diving in Colombier.  As a qualified PADI Instructor, he also offers the full range of courses. He now proposes shark awareness dives to help people go beyond their phobia. Thanks to a Melanesian technique using the sound of coconut shells knocked together, he attracts the fish and the divers can enjoy the magnificent sight of these fascinating fish.  Birdy also has a dive shop on board and sells snorkeling gear and shorties.

Cell: +(590) 690 419666
[email protected]



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