Sulyeman Mosque

85100 Rhodes

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A walk up Socrates street in the Old Town is something every visitor will do. But we suggest you look beyond the tourist shops and trappings, and look at the buildings themselves. There is a great deal of Turkish influence in many of the buildings, an unused mosque half way up is very pretty with a marble fountain next to it set on the wall. The Turkish coffee shop is still as wonderful as ever with its old door and windows. As you look towards the top of the street you see Suleyman Mosque aka the Red Mosque-for obvious reasons! Built soon after the Turkish took over in 1522, on the site of the Church of the Apostles. The Mosque was restored several years ago and really is a beautifull building. Although it is not open to the public, the terraces and arches are very well painted and extremely photogenic.

Opposite the Mosque is the Turkish library, which is a very charming small building and courtyard.

There are several other mosques around the old town and a largeTurkish Hammam.


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