Swimming in Kastellorizo



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Kastellorizo does not have a beach, even though it is a little bit sandy in the Mandraki!
But who needs beaches when you can swim from the rocks into the clearest water imaginable.

There are several bathing ladders around the harbour for anyone to use. A few in front of the harbourside Hotels are generally off limits but the Hotel Megisti has a small charge for sunbeds and access to the water, as do Faros Bar {the Lighthouse} and The Aussie Bar.

A walk around the costal path to the Mandraki will take you via a bathing platform and a bathing ladder by the boatyard.
The Mandraki is a popular place to swim but it is weedy in places.

Further around the Mandraki behind the little church and graveyard is an area called Nifti, this is also a popular bathing spot.


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