Tel: +(590) 590 298791
[email protected]

Rue Samuel Fahlberg
97133 Gustavia
Saint Barthélemy

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Teck is a truly delightful store located on Rue Samuel Fahlberg in Gustavia (at the head of the harbour). They have a wonderful selection of furniture and antiques from Indonesia and Asia, as well as exquisite decoration items, such as lamps, shells, wooden frames, sculpture… They specialize in teak (noted for its exceptional longevity and ability to cope with dry or wet spells), and have designed a whole line of furniture specifically for this noble, elegant and durable wood. P Their range of furniture includes barstools, armchairs, bed foot rests, cabinets, chests of drawers, sunbeds with wheels, back seats and armchairs with footstalls. Dominic Cellerier is the friendly and refined gentleman running the shop, who will always take his time to help you make your choice. They also have “sister” outlets in Anguilla and St Martin. Tel: +(590) 590 298791 [email protected] www.teckjava.com

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