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Saint Barthélemy

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Tropical Magazine was the first publication on St Barth, and this magazine really captures the magic of the island best of all. This beautiful and glamorous magazine is St.Barth best showcase, reflecting the classy and glamorous spirit of the island as well as its genuine Caribbean flavour. Chief Editor Jean Jacques Rigaud lives in St. Barth all year round, and his love for the island shows in every page of the magazine. He is also very concerned about environmental issues that the island faces and has created the “Eco SB Foundation” to educate the people and find solutions. Edited yearly, it reflects the unique St. Barth spirit through artistic pictures, articles about local personalities, and recipes of famous chefs using local products. The magazines are so well renowned and enjoyable to read that most people collect them. The magazines came highly recommended to us, as a really useful insight, upon arrival in St. Barth; and also, as a great addition for the coffee table on board. Tropical Magazine can be found everywhere, especially at the airport or at the tourist office on the harbour, across from the Capitainerie. A very useful magazine to have while in St. Barth's; be sure to pick up a copy!

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