10 Things You Can Only See In Salem During Halloween

October 15, 2022

Heading to Salem this witchy season? Then check out these great Halloween activities you can only see in Salem.

Spending Halloween or All Hallows' Eve in America's beloved Witch City is an experience everyone should have at least once in their nine lives. This historic and hauntingly fun town knows that the Halloween season is serious business and a real chance for this city to shine bright. So visitors should expect one heck of a time during this holiday. With parades, masquerade balls, haunted stays, ghost tours, scares, screams, and so much more, you are absolutely in for a real treat in this witch-filled city. That said, here are ten things you can only see in Salem during Halloween.

One thing, in particular, that visitors can get into during Halloween is Salem's annual festival: Haunted Happenings. For the entire month of October, there are a host of festive activities, witchy affairs, haunted houses, and spooky events—like nothing you've ever seen. Not only are there family-friendly events like broom decorating a magic potion party, but there's also an abundance of spooky adult fun. This festival seems to get bigger and better each year, so make sure you download an app for all things Salem and check out the only month-long Halloween extravaganza around these parts.

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