Wow at Your Yachting Interview: Avoid these Mistakes

April 11, 2021

You’ve mastered writing your yachtie CV, and now you have finally secured a yachting interview for your dream crew job. If you have a superyacht interview on the horizon, then keep on reading. Here, we offer valuable yacht crew advice and outline some of the most common mistakes that candidates make in their crew interviews.

Mistakes to Avoid in your Yachting Interview

Not dressing for the (onboard) job

Sounds obvious right? Well, you’d be surprised how many people turn up for a superyacht interview dressed in a shirt and tie. That might be the norm for a corporate role, but not in the yachting industry. Remember, dress for the job you want. For yacht crew, that means a plain white T-shirt or polo shirt, beige or navy trousers for men, and a beige or navy skirt for women. You’ll also want to make sure you are neatly groomed. This means low-key makeup and jewellery for women, clean-shaven for men, and neatly manicured fingernails. Hair should be tied-back. A good first impression is vital in the yachting industry, so take time to ensure you are immaculately presented.

Being late

There is no room for lateness in the yachting industry. Leave yourself plenty of time to reach your yachting interview. Aim to arrive early. You can always have a coffee at a local café, which will help you gather your thoughts so as you arrive for your superyacht interview in a calm and composed state.

Asking the wrong questions

During a superyacht interview chances are that the captain will ask you if you have any questions. Don’t ask about salary, flights, holidays, or perks of the job. You may already have been given an indication of what is on offer if you are working with a yacht crew recruitment agency. If not, it’s best to wait to find out this information when you are offered the job. Use this as an opportunity to ask about the crew, the yacht, or opportunities for training and development. This will demonstrate your keenness to work in the yachting industry.

Speaking negatively about a former employer or crew mate

Never talk about a former employer or crew mate negatively during a superyacht interview, even if you had a bad experience or have a valid reason for leaving. Additionally, don’t engage in any gossip about previous owners or guests. Yacht crew must be able to demonstrate the highest level of discretion at all times as they will be working for the world’s wealthiest VIPs and celebrities. If you are asked why you are looking for a new yacht job during a yachting interview keep your answer discreet and positive, for example, saying that you are looking for a new role that will give you more opportunities for career development.

Not engaging with the interviewer

Failing to engage with the interviewer or looking interested in the role is a big no-no during a superyacht interview, or indeed in any type of interview. You should demonstrate a can-do attitude which leaves a positive impression. Maintain eye contact, sit or stand up straight, and most importantly smile and be friendly. Yacht crew work and live together for extended periods, so the captain will not only be looking for someone with the right skills and experience, but a friendly positive person who will get on with the existing crew. You want to come across as warm, professional and friendly when being interviewed.

Failing to thank the interviewer for their time

Sounds like such a simple thing but failing to thank the interviewer – usually the captain - for their time can leave a negative impression, even if the yacht job interview has gone well. Captains and yacht crew are incredibly busy, so make sure you thank them for their time and leave them with a positive impression.

What other yachting interview mistakes would you add to our guide? 


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Dress for success
Be punctual
Ask the right questions
No negative comments
Engage with the interviewer
Thank them for their time