Fred Nissan

Fred has a nice 7 seater Pathfinder and was said to be a good, reliable contact for yacht crews in Guadeloupe. He works with other taxis and can organize several rides at the same time when necessary.

Tel: +(590) 690 353626

Alain's Taxi and Island Tours

Alain came highly recommended - being an extremely friendly Guide who speaks English - who will then talk you through his colourful tour portfolio to help you choose. He has a smart, well sized vehicle and came highly recommended for not only his island tours, but also for helping out with airport runs, provisioning trips and spare parts runs. Best of all, he's a very friendly man, whose commitment to providing a good service, sees him available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Cell: +(590) 690 352729
Home: +(590) 590 945595

Dr. Philippe Cardin

This dentist came highly recommended to us last season, and has a practice overlooking the Marina Bas-du-Fort (just 5 minutes away from the yachts), with all the latest hi-tech equipment. Best of all, he's a sailor himself, so will always try to fit you in!

Tel: +(590) 590 936262
Cell: +(590) 690 633356

Michel Collomb

Michel Collomb is an experienced customs broker, based in the industrial zone of Jarry (a few minutes drive from the marina), who came rated as being a very useful contact whilst in Guadeloupe. He has helped many yachts in the past years to clear in parts coming from abroad, making sure that everything will go fast and smoothly. Michel Collomb works a lot with Andrew Dove, from North Sails, and Captains may find it convenient to channel an initial enquiry through Andrew.

Tel: +(590) 590 897777
Fax: +(590) 590 897620
[email protected]

Yankey Taxi

Yankey is a very reliable and friendly taxi driver, for whom we received many excellent recommendations. Originally from Dominica, his first language is English, but as a long time St Barth resident, he is also fluent in French. He has a 9 seats Nissan bus and is available 24/7. 

Karine Taxi

We received a whole round of excellent recommendations for Karine, a young and friendly lady taxi driver. She is available 24/7 for any transfer, course or for an island tour in her smart 8 seater Hundai mini bus (with No 3 written on top). Karine is perfectly fluent in English and she is very eager to help with concierge services. She knows the best restaurants and spa, and will never hesitate to help. She can also organize several taxis for big group, or passengers with a lot of luggage.

Brief history

Martinique is the second largest island of the lesser Antilles, after Guadeloupe. Also known as l’ile aux Fleurs, French for its original Carib name “Madinina”, it was discovered in 1502 by Christopher Colombus and apart from short periods under the British Empire, has been French since its colonization. Reminiscences of its colorful and intense past are still visible throughout the island. Two very politically influential ladies, who made history back in their time, were born in Martinique, to prominent planters’ families.


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