Harbour & Customs Numbers

Mandraki Harbour Tel: {0030} 22410 23683
Colona Harbour & Commercial Harbour Tel: {0030} 22410 27695
Harbour SOS 505
Pilot Tel: {0030} 22410 28689
Customs Tel: {0030} 22410 27358
Airport Customs Tel: {0030} 22410 82901
Lindos Harbour Master Tel: {0030} 22440 31201

Post Office in Kastellorizo

On the Western side of the harbour one street back is the post office. It is only open on certain days of the week, but the local newsagents {periptero} which is located centrally on the harbour sells stamps and will also pass on letters and post cards to the island post master.

Check at the town hall office for opening times, or just ask one of the locals.

Port Police & Customs in Kastellorizo

The Port Authority office is the last building before the lighthouse directly on the harbourside- they also have a temporary porta cabin on the harbour by the ferry dock.
Kastellorizo has been a port of entry/exit for some time now, which makes it an ideal place to check into Greece from Turkey or Cyprus.
Port Police Tel: {0030} 22460 49333
Customs Tel: {0030} 22460 49009


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