The Map Shop

Map shop run by the Municipality located on Carrer St Domingo, literally underneath Carrer Conquistador close to the GPO. They offer an excellent collection of local maps, and a selection of more global cartography products. The shop is only open in the morning on weekdays.

The Trading Place

Second hand bookstore right next to Santa Catalina market with a good selection of English and other language books to buy or swap. A small selection of new books is also available. Book ordering service, luggage storage, and Royal Mail postal service available.

Libreria de Nautica

Fantastic nautical bookshop across the street from the large Corte Ingles offering an impressive array of publications. There is a good range of books available in English, as well as French and German. They sell nautical charts in paper and digital format; their stock covers many parts of the globe.
They also have an online shop accessible through their website.

Tel: + (34) 971 460 001

Dialog Bookshop

Just off the Ramblas, this bookshop is one of the main English and German bookstores on the island. Up to date novels, travel guides, and a large selection of specialist educational and language study guides in stock. They offer a quick ordering service.

Blau Press Kiosks

At least a dozen of these newsagents can be found around town, mostly in high traffic areas, stocking a good selection of foreign press and also books in English and German. There is one on the Passeig de Born and also in Porto Pi.

Blau Presse

Situated just behind the harbour office, this newsagent sells an international selection of magazines and books as well as stationary;
it is also a DHL agent.

Rialto Living

Rialto Living offers, through a thorough and personal selection, a lifestyle concept including interior design, fashion, art, gifts and a Café to the well-traveled fashion and design interested customer. This in an inspiring environment with the help of professional, engaged and happy co-workers.

Founder is Klas Kall, also one of 3 founders and designer of the GANT brand. Co-founder is Barbara Bergman who also works as a grafic designer.