Riviera Charts

Highly renowned marine book / charts store close in Antibes Harbor. Carry full range of British Admiralty & French SHOM charts & publications; stock of stitched ensigns and courtesy flags, along with high quality chart table instruments. Offer a full range of folio management and chart correction services. Also provide most formats of electronic charts and publications, such as British Admiralty ARCS charts, and Digital List of Lights, Total Tide & List of Radio Signals products. Special orders welcome. Owner Simon Jackson and his team are always eager to help.

Chase, Leavitt & Co.

Complete line of charts and nautical publications. Sell USGS topographic maps covering the entire state of Maine. Plus fully certified life raft department offering comprehensive sales, servicing, repacking and repair of all major life raft brands such as Achilles, Avon and Caribe inflatable boats. Located on Main Wharf in Portland, with a second location in Ellsworth, ME close to Southwest Harbor.
Tel: (207) 772 6383 (Portland) / (207) 667 9390 (Ellsworth)
Fax: (207) 774 8270 (Portland) / (207) 667 9432 (Ellsworth)
[email protected]