Museum of Science

Highly educational museum, introducing science and technology through exciting demonstrations, experiments and interactive displays. There is something fun to learn for everyone, and the kids love its effortless educational approach. Open Sat-Thurs, 9am-7pm and Fri 9am-9pm. Closed Sun.

Tel: (617) 723 2500

Concerts in Palma

Palma has a huge year long calendar of cultural events, designed to satisfy all styles and tastes, from classical concerts, theatre, ballet, and traditional flamenco to jazz and pop, often featuring internationally acclaimed artists. There is also a full summer programme of events taking place at different venues around the city, including, Bellver Castle. As if this was not enough, the numerous festivals and Saints days, local feasts, harvest celebration etc. are all duly celebrated. The popular and renowned ‘Jazz Voyeur Festival’ takes place every October.

The Cathedral: La Seu

Built on the site of an existing Mosque after the defeat of the Moors, the Cathedral dominates the sea front of Palma and is the central landmark of the harbour. A visit to this imposing, awe inspiring and iconic building is a must whilst in Palma, followed by a stroll around the surrounding gardens. At night, the view of the illuminated Cathedral gives a unique atmosphere to the whole harbour.

Tel: {0034} 971 723 130

Patio Tour of Palma

For those based in Palma, there are irregular guided tours of some of the old town Palazzio's patios (courtyards), normally off limits to the public. The tours generally take place at the beginning and the end of the summer season. Enquire at the tourist office.