The yearly June-July "Heiva" (meaning "party") features an incredible traditional dance and singing contest. Every night, dance schools perform having trained all year for this exclusive event. It is a highlight of a stay in Tahiti & its Islands.

In Tahiti, it takes place at "Place Toata" along the Papeete water front and tickets can be purchased on location.

Rhodes Cinemas

Rhodes has two very good cinemas with several screens, playing films in their original language version-The Metropol and Pallas.
They are also both conveniently close together on Dimokratis Street, on the outskirts of the Old Town close to the stadium.

Butterfly Valley

This charming Valley of Butterflys-Petaloudes in Greek has been a natural attraction for many years but it was the Italians who made it into a tourist feature, building charming walk ways to take you through the valley.
During July and August, thousands of butterflies(Quadripunctaria Poda) appear in the valley in order to reproduce.
Unfortunately, over the years numbers have declined, which is, in all likelyhood due to the number of noisy tourists trooping through the valley!

Seven Springs

One of the most popular sights on Rhodes is Seven Springs-also known in Greek as Epta Piges.
This is a natural spring that was utilized by the Italians to water the fertile area of Kolymbia nearby.
The dam, lake and woodland are a nice surprise after walking through the 186 meter unlit tunnel to get there.
It is possible to walk to the lake through the woods but not as much fun!

Filerimos Monastry

A short drive out of Rhodes on the hill above Ialysoss is the Monastry of Panagia Filerimos. Built by the Knights of St John in the 15th Century, the Monastry used to hold a sacred icon of the Virgin brought from the Holy Land.
It is a very popular route up the hill for joggers and walkers, and the views from the lookout at Golgothas are worth the effort.