Visit of nuraghic monuments

There are interseting nuraghic monuments such as Giant's Tomb and nuraghes, as well as pre-nuraghic (Neolithic) sites, located around the town of Arzachena. Albucciu nuraghe, Malchittu temple and Giant's Tomb Moru are the most popular ones. These three sites are conveniently close to each other around the tourist office of Arzachena (2km outside the town itself).

La Sagradia Familia

Construction on the Cathederal was started in 1882 and it seems as though it will not be finished for many more years to come.
Progress has been slow due to the project being funded by private donations and the interruption of the Civil War.
Antoni Gaudi took over the project in 1883 and worked on the building until his death in 1926.
The building has been overseen by many architects since, but it is Gaudi's unusual vision for the building which shines through.

Park Guell

One of Antoni Gaudi's most amazing projects in Barcelona. Originally concieved to be similar to an English Garden City by Eusebi Guell, the project never came to fruition and was handed over to the city in 1922.
This photogenic delight displays magical creations of lizards, sea sepents, collums, collonades, waves and palm shaped pillars all covered with ceramic tiled mosiacs.
The park is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Barcelona FC Museum

For any football fans a visit to the stadium and Museum is a must when in Barcelona.
The Museum has many trophies, photos and memorabilia and there is a possibility to also visit the changing rooms, conference rooms etc.

Picasso Museum

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona holds a wide selection of Picasso's work arranged in chronological order to show the progress and change of style over the years. The musuem is in a wonderful building in its own right.
The Museum is closed on Mondays.

La Ramblas

If you asked a selection of people from all over the world to name a famous street or boulevard, La Ramblas would probably be top of the list!
Lined with cafes, tapas bars, restaurants, shops, flower stalls, street artists and of course plenty of tourists!