Efstratiou & Co

An all round hardware store from very basic items, materials, tools paints, glue etc. to door handles, hinges, household necessities, screens-you name it they've got it. Very friendly staff, always helpful and reasonable prices.

Kno. Spanos & Son

A large store out of town that manufactures all wooden and steel furniture products.
Their warehouse stocks a large range of hardwood and marine ply, glues, silicone, paint, varnish and wood preservatives.
they also have a selection of electrical and hand tools for carpentry and air compressors.
A professional store.

Kavouklis & Sons

This is a well-known hardware store that has changed slightly in recent years.
It now deals in a lot more machinery and tools, specialising in De Walt, Black & Decker, Stanley, Facom and Kraft paints.

Gerontis Hardware

Close to the boatyard, this hardware store with a nautical slant stocks an extremely large array of goods, including tools, fittings, raw materials and fastenings.
It is by far the largest such store on the island and is a paradise for engineers, who will find in the upstairs area all sorts of tools, fastenings in all sizes and finished products; the downstairs area supplies raw materials such as shafts of all diameters and of all materials sold by length, wire ropes, rubber, nylon and teflon sold in bulk etc.