Mr Bricolage

Located in the Destreland Mall, Mr Bricolage is an absolute favourite for all yacht crews who have discovered it while stopping in Martinique or Guadeloupe. Anything can be found here… from tools to bulbs, electrical supplies, deck furniture, lamps, plumbers… and a whole lot more!
Along with other great French outlets, it is almost a reason by itself to stop in Guadeloupe. Open Mondays to Saturdays from 0830-2030hrs. For any large orders, they can deliver upon request.

Tel: +(590) 590 320000

Monsieur Bricolage

The very well known French chain of hardware stores has the largest store in the Caribbean - in the commercial zone of Le Lamentin, very close to the airport. Here it is like the ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ for any engineer or crewmember arriving in Martinique, who were not even suspecting that such a facility could exist in the Caribbean. Basically anything can be found there, from tools to bulbs, electrical supplies, deck furniture, lamps, plumbing items… and more.
Tel: +(596) 596 501051
Fax: +(596) 596 501045

Socias Rosello

A very large hardware store, selling specialized plumbing supplies (such as weldable plastics etc.) as well as general electrical wares. They also sell components for air conditioning and heating systems. Classic hardware store products are also available. Their website is translated into English.