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Tel: +33 (0)493 340 115
 Fax: +33 (0)493 344 977 [email protected] www.vaubanservices.com

39, Rue Vauban
06600 Antibes

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Iconic hardware store since 1927, now a ‘must stop’ to find any special, ‘hard to find’ parts for yachts! Stock of thousands of items, including industrial and technical materials such as plumbing fittings and valves in any material, largest selection of fasteners (metric, inches) sold by unit, chemical products (Mastic, glue, cleaner, resin), gasket materials, sound insulation materials, metallurgic products (round / flat bar, pipe, angle bar), pipes (for hot & cold water / gas oil / oil), anodes, abrasives, hand machine tools (drilling, sanding, sawing, cutting), adhesives, greases and oils, shore power cables, plugs and adapters, AC ventilation system etc... Efficient part sourcing service, qualified technicians specializing in each department, such as rigging and plumbing. Delivery available everywhere on the Riviera. Tel: +33 (0)493 340 115
/Fax: +33 (0)493 344 977 [email protected] www.vaubanservices.com

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