Cisco Brewery

Cisco Brewers / Triple Eight Distillery / Nantucket Vineyard

Cisco Brewers, Triple Eight Distillery & Nantucket Vineyard are located in the same spot, before Bartlett Farm on Bartlett Farm Rd. A favorite stop on the way to the beach (or more wisely on the way back!).  Tours of the brewery and tastings available. Open 7/7 Mon-Fri 10am-7 pm, Sun 12-5pm.  

Tel: (508) 325 5929

Pinkham's Gourmet Market

Other choices include a variety of local (such as Maine State Cheese out of Rockport, Maine) and international cheeses, gourmet grocery items, and a wide selection of craft beer, wine and spirits (see Wines/Spirits/Beverages). Delicious homemade daily-prepared food is also available such as made to order sandwiches, including lobster and crab rolls, chowders, lobster stew and more. Picnic lunches by order. Delivery available for sizeable orders. Open daily 9am-6pm.

Ets Hippolyte Lédée

Located In the heart of St Jean across from the airport. For those of you who are particularly fond of premium spirits, Ets H Lédée -curators of the finest spirits and liquor imported to St Barths- offers an incredible selection of single malt whiskies, exceptionally rare bottles of Caribbean rum, and legendary spirits such as Rémy Martin Louis XIII, John Walker & Sons Odyssey and Tequila Don Julio Real. ‘We have many extraordinary and highly prized products, but we also carry over 300 wines and classic spirits that are priced under 30 Euros,’ says R.

Frubal Provisions

Specialist Provisioning Ben Lacey has started a new company supplying quality produce, fruit & veg, meat & deli products, fish & shellfish, wines, spirits, beverages & water etc. to yachts, restaurants and hotels, at exceptionally competitive prices. With some of the best contacts for fruit & veg, Ben can deliver top quality produce, 7 days a week, and special orders on a 24 hour delivery from the mainland. He can source organic, exotic and ethnic products, already supplying several top sushi restaurants around Palma.

Riviera Yacht Support (Wine department)

The well known yacht services agency Riviera Yacht Support also has an highly acclaimed wine supply and training department led by Louise Sydbeck, a passionate and highly knowledgeable wine consultant / educator. Can source any wines besides their extensive list and provide an info sheet with each bottle. Tutored wine tastings are also offered free of charge for their clients. Louise has the ‘Wine and Spirit Education Trust’ certificate and offers wine courses.
Tel: +33(0)4 93 34 06 43
Fax: +33(0)4 93 34 12 65
[email protected]


Wholesale and retail butchers in Can Valero supplying many of the top restaurants, hotels and yachts. The company has impressive facilities providing quality meats including Kobe, Black Angus, NZ and Welsh Lamb. The store is also a charcuterie and deli, selling a wide range of cured hams, oils, salts, preserves, dried goods and a selection of fresh fruit and veg. and much more. The choice and quality is top of the range; there is a dedicated yacht provisioning department. A full catalogue of the meat cuts available is downloadable from their website.

Marinos s.a.

Importers of first class wines and spirits-Marinos has 2 stores in Rhodes, one very close to Colona Harbour on Ermou Street {in through the main castle gate and take a right}, and the other on 28th October street closer to the Mandraki.
The store on Ermou really is a Cave, dark and cool with an excellant choice of wines spirits and champagnes.
Somewhere to buy what cannot be found in the supermarket.

Supermarket Spanos

Supermarket Spanos is a short taxi ride away from the downtown harbours, and is a very well stocked supermarket for all tinned, dried, and fresh produce. They also sell a few more exotic eatern items and pataks curry etc. A fairly good selection of cheese and deli meats, plus they have a very popular take away food service counter. The supermarket covers three floors and sells all basic cleaning and kitchen equipment. Kitchen ware and an odd assortment of necessities for the household and garden. All in all a very good supermarket.

Pappou Supermarket

Well alot of people are going to be disappointed to find that the old Pappou department store just behind the post office on the mandraki has now closed down. This was very handy for basic goods, and also that it sold a wonderful range of foreign products, especially chinese and eastern goods. However, their new premises is not far away on Canada Street, a reasonable easy walk and close to a taxi stand at Agios Nikoloas square. It is still a good supermarket, and sells the same produce-probably with more of a selection for food produce than before.