Frubal Provisions

Palma de Mallorca

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Specialist Provisioning Ben Lacey has started a new company supplying quality produce, fruit & veg, meat & deli products, fish & shellfish, wines, spirits, beverages & water etc. to yachts, restaurants and hotels, at exceptionally competitive prices. With some of the best contacts for fruit & veg, Ben can deliver top quality produce, 7 days a week, and special orders on a 24 hour delivery from the mainland. He can source organic, exotic and ethnic products, already supplying several top sushi restaurants around Palma. Ben is striving to provide a personal service of exceptional quality produce hand picked, packed to chef standards and swiftly delivered directly to the boat. English, Spanish, German, French and Russian spoken. Fruit & Veg If you are looking for top quality chef standard fruit & Veg, then contact Ben Lacey. Frubal Provisions is a new company with direct access to Merca Palma wholesale, Ben can deliver 7 days a week, and organise 24 hour special orders. Hand picked and packed to chef quality specifications. With very competitive prices. Ben offers a dedicated, professional and swift service, delivered directly to the boat. Organic Produce For the best organic fruit & veg and other local produce contact Ben, he can deliver 7 days a week, and organise 24 hour special orders. Top quality produce, delivered directly to the boat. Ethnic Food Frubal Provisions already supplies several major sushi restaurants around Palma and can supply all fresh exotic produce, Asian spices, sauces and condiments. Plus tableware and utensils such as chop sticks, serving dishes etc. Wines/ Spirits/ Beverages Contact Frubal Provisions for quantity and quality wines, champagnes, beverages and water. All efficiently delivered directly to the boat at very competitive prices.

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