Le Pirate Caribeen

This is one of the most popular crew ‘hang-out’ bars in Marina Bas du Fort. It offers free Wi-Fi and comes recommended as a being a cool bar, as well as for good food and as a late night bar venue too.
Tel: (590) 590 907300


Familiar to many crews in St.Martin, there is a sister Cheyenne club on Guadeloupe. Located in Gozier town just a short taxi ride from Marina-Bas-du-Fort; this large night club features a chill out lounge and ‘cool’ water features and koi ponds – just look for the large statue of a Cheyenne Indian before the first roundabout as you enter town !

Zoo Rock Café

Zoo Rock Café has a trendy, fun and relaxed atmosphere. They have live band playing and DJ for late night raving. They also serve good food, especially their famous huge meat or fish kebabs that can be enjoyed on the terrace. The Zoo Rock Café is ideally located within the Marina Bas-du-Fort complex and is open daily from 1900hrs.

Tel: +(590) 590 907777
[email protected]

Yacht Club

This is another favourite stop for all the trendy “noctambules” coming to St. Barth. Located in the harbour, towards La Pointe (close to restaurant La Marine) with a terrace by the water, this bar / lounge / disco has a cozy feel with comfortable white coaches and teak tables. They are open from 1800-0400hrs!

Tel: +(590) 590 278639

Le Select

Anybody coming to St Barth must at least have a drink at Le Select! This is St.Barth most famous and oldest bar, right at the corner of Quai d’Honneur, where locals and tourists mix in an easy going social environment. They had an unforgettable 50th anniversary a few years ago, with hundreds of fans coming from all over the world and Jimmy Buffet giving a great concert to honour the local owner, Marius. Live local bands come to perform several times a week and many enjoy a dance in a “bal populaire” atmosphere.

Baz Bar (ou Bête à Z'Ailes)

Bete a Z’Ailes (the beast with wings!) also called “BAZ” or “Jean Marc”, is - when the night comes - one of the most popular social focus points on the harbour. They have great international live bands playing several times a week, which even gets people dancing … on the tables! Other highlights of BAZ are their fabulous sushis, not to mention their great Espresso Martinis! Owner Jean-Marc is very close to the yachting community, and will even organize any 'custom' crew evenings, as required. BAZ is ideally located by the water, at the head of the harbour.

Chez Tao

Chez Tao is a hip piano bar and Corsican institution for a hot night in Calvi. Open daily from 8:30pm May-Oct.
Tel: +33(0)4 95 65 00 73


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