The Walk Inn

Auzzie Greek brothers George, Manni and Nick own what is without doubt 'the' ex-pat bar in Rhodes Old Town. Well known with all the local residents, and a place that tourists come back to every year for its welcoming atmosphere. They serve great pizzas, snacks and drinks at reasonable prices.
If you happen to be looking for crew or day workers this is the place to find them!

Fiat Playa

Loc Punta Marana, Golfo Di Marinella, 07026, Porto Rotondo
Fiat Playa is not just a club, but a beautiful white sandy beach. The guest will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, with all the services: restaurant, bar, pool and even a kid corner.
Tel: + (39) 0789 309057

The Aqua Lounge

Piazza Azzurra, 07021 Porto Cervo
With its wonderful terrace, overlooking the harbour of Porto Cervo the Aqua Lounge welcomes its clients from 10 till late at night. This restaurant seduces its guests with exquisite food in an extraordinary location. The place is a New York style open space, equipped with furniture made of natural materials. The soft colors used to paint the restaurant perfectly fit with the blue of the sea on the background.
Tel: + (39) 0789 902294

Mandala Rhodes

Mandala restaurant and bar is set on a lovely open terrace with flowers, vines, good music and a great atmosphere. The food is a bit different than the normal Greek menu, offering Italian and Asian inspired food, and good steaks. The staff are pretty laid back-but thats the whole ethos of the place!

They often have live music. This is actually the ex popeyes bar.

Kalithea Springs

What was once a rather decrepit but romantic left over from the Italian occupation, the springs at Kalithea had a revamp a few years ago.
The surrounding architecture and gardens have been completely renovated-and yes some may even argue that they have been spoilt!
But faded grandure can only be faded for a certain amount of time until it turns into an eyesore!
It is now back to its former glory, but is now more of a chic beach club with bars, cafes, lounging areas and laid back music.
They also use the internal circular loggia for changing exhibitions.


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